Amir Khosrowpour - Live rehearsal

7 min   |   Feature

Praised by The Los Angeles Times as having “irresistible verve, unpretentious directness, and fingers of steel,” pianist and composer Amir Khosrowpour “seeks out what is new and vital and delivers it with passion, considerable drama, and poetry” (NY Concert Review). His focus is new music, as well as improvisation, and he incorporates both in his concert programming. A 2014 solo recital at Irvine Valley College in California consisted of music written solely after 1975, including several works by student composers and John Adams’s masterpiece, Phrygian Gates. In 2011, he performed in an Allora&Calzadilla performance art exhibition at MoMA in New York in which the pianist stands in a hole cut out of the middle of the piano and plays Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony finale from the opposite side of the keyboard. The work was on The New York Times “Top 10”, and has since taken Khosrowpour to Turin and Milan for exhibitions. In a 2012 collaboration with Turin-based filmmaker and artist Simone Catania, Khosrowpour performed his own composition for piano in a fog-filled art gallery whilst hanging from the ceiling.

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