Dolomites Project

Olivo Barbieri  |   3 min   |  Excerpt

In Dolomites Project 2010, Olivo Barbieri portrays the mountains as "designed architecture". The Dolomites have existed for two hundred and fifty million years, and the material that composes them comes from oceanic abysses. Barbieri interprets them as symbolic forms in movement, and in the line of the peaks he sees a "history of the upturned earth". Barbieri's work invites to reflect on the environment and the eco-sustainability of these extraordinary natural architectures.


Olivo Barbieri was born in 1954 in Carpi, Italy and lives and works in Modena, Italy. Barbieri has introduced a new, unique approach to traditional landscape and urban art and photography. He creates miniature still photography from actual landscapes by simulating shallow depth of field by the use of tilt-shift lens and aerial photography.

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