Miguel Angel Rios   |   2008   |   3 min   |   Excerpt

The single channel video film "Crudo" by Miguel Angel Rios, filmed both in New York and Mexico City, takes the viewer on a theatrical, percussive journey led by an unidentified white-suited man, wielding pieces of raw meat, who encounters a group of angry dogs. Mixing elements of dance from Veracruz, American tap, and Argentinean malambo sureño, the dancer’s percussive footwork drives the narrative tension of the scenario, counterbalanced by the tethered pieces of raw meat that swing around to provoke the angry animals – here hired to perform and engage with the dancer’s movements.

Born in Catamarca, Argentina, Miguel Angel Rios now divides his time between Mexico City and New York. ince the early-2000s, Ríos has also delved into the medium of video to create symbolic narratives about human experience, violence, and mortality.

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