Miguel Angel Rios   |   2005   |   3 min   |   Excerpt

In LOVE by Miguel Angel Rios, two black-and-white tops, symbolizing positive and negative, spin forward, then backward, clack together, or nearly miss in a whirling, sometimes violent, dance reminiscent of a tango. The tops are synchronized to Maria Callas’ version of the famous aria from the 1892 opera La Wally by Alfredo Catalani. Callas plays Wally, the character who sings of a suffering heart. The tops perform a dance of love, passion and ultimate tragedy as one falls before the other. The final top eventually topples marking the end of love, the end of life.

Born in Catamarca, Argentina, Miguel Angel Rios now divides his time between Mexico City and New York. ince the early-2000s, Ríos has also delved into the medium of video to create symbolic narratives about human experience, violence, and mortality.

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